Donate $8.88 per month to the 88bikes RIDE FOREVER fund!



Your monthly gift will help 88bikes grow and thrive, allowing us, like the heroic women and girls to whom we give bikes, to Ride Forever... 

Donate Any Amount to 88bikes / 88bikes Tailwind Micro Grant Fund!


Donate a bike! 


For your bike donation of $88.00 you will receive a picture of the girl who received your bike, holding your picture. 

Add $17.00 per bike

In all of the countries in which we work, the actual cost of buying and endowing a bike far exceeds $88.00. We make up the difference with unrestricted donations, grants, and a little extra help from our donors. If you feel you can add a few extra bucks to the cost of your bike and make each bike an Enhanced Bike we thank you! 



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